Specific Coverage for Your Unique Risk

The Hemp Captive understands that you face a unique set of risks as a hemp affiliated business owner and that there are exposures and risks that can’t be covered with traditional insurance.

Things like weather related crop insurance for your outdoor plants, product recall, stock in transit, regulatory changes and regulatory investigations can be potentially protect you with captive insurance.

Captive Insurance for Your Business

For decades, businesses faced with higher priced or unavailable insurance have turned to captive insurance to meet their risk transfer needs.  Captive insurance can provide specialized and tailored coverage that can be hard to obtain on the traditional insurance market.

Instead of paying premiums to a commercial insurance company, with a captive, you pay the premiums to the captive insurance subsidiary. You benefit from the investment of the premiums, as well as the profits.

Our Mission

At The Hemp Captive, it is our single mission to provide you with the comprehensive coverage you deserve to protect your green.